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About Us

The Asian Project TAP Buns and Bowls sells mainly healthy rice bowls relying on the complex flavors of South East Asia.

TAP Buns and Bowls was created from the desire to share asian food to a wide range of people. Our passion is evident in the meticulous preparation of our food and the selection of highest all natural quality meats and finest and freshest ingredients.

Our Chef and his team prepare all of our food from scratch each day from chopping the vegetables to mixing the sauces and marinades. They get to work early every morning, carefully preparing each item, ensuring that the food is fresh and free of any preservatives and antibiotics.

Our Bowl consists of five different levels of taste: Rice, Sauces, Meats, Sides, and Toppings. Every bowl is customized to the customers liking and taste. Creating unlimited possibilities and uniqueness.